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Faculty and Staff

Our teachers show their commitment to excellence through their professionalism, and they work together closely with a shared vision to improve student achievement.  Our teachers are dedicated to the development of the whole child and therefore employ instructional practices which ensure that all students reach their maximum potential.

Rachel Coode

Rachel Coode Pre-Kindergarten teacher rcoode@stmatthewtn.org

Patty Gentile

Patty Gentile Kindergarten assistant pgentile@stmatthewtn.org

Kim Proctor

Kim Proctor 1st Grade teacher kproctor@stmatthewtn.org

Angela Coleman

Angela Coleman Kindergarten teacher acoleman@stmatthewtn.org

Angela Hultman

Angela Hultman 1st grade teacher ahultman@stmatthewtn.org

Sarah Lawson

Sarah Lawson 2nd grade teacher slawson@stmatthewtn.org

Mary Ann Beavin

Mary Ann Beavin 3rd grade teacher mbeavin@stmatthewtn.org

Cindy Burns

Cindy Burns 3rd grade teacher cburns@stmatthewtn.org

Kristina Tons

Kristina Tons 4th grade teacher ktons@stmatthewtn.org


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