Catholic Identity

Saint Matthew School is a special place where students live the motto Seeking Knowledge + Modeling Christ + Serving Others in their daily lives. Students are encouraged to learn and grow in their faith and find true joy in their service to others.


Saint Matthew School’s vision seeks to integrate into every learning experience the religious truth and values revealed by Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church. This integration begins at pre-kindergarten with the introduction of a faith vocabulary. The RCL Benzinger series for kindergarten through third grade, along with the Sadlier program for grades four through eight, provide the basis for the Saint Matthew religion curriculum. These programs are supplemented with a broad spectrum of resources and experiences to enliven each student’s embracing of the Catholic faith.


To put their Catholic faith and the teachings of the Church into practice, students are provided with a broad array of opportunities to model Christ in their own lives. Some of these opportunities include reciting daily prayers, observing the liturgical rituals at the student Masses twice weekly, and serving as readers, altar servers, or choir members at the student Masses. By praying the Rosary and participating in First Friday Adoration, students model commitment to a lifestyle of conscious and deliberate prayer. Second and eighth graders engage in specific preparations for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. Saint Matthew students participate in the Prayer Buddies Program where older students are paired with younger ones for shared faith experiences. These and other traditions at Saint Matthew School create memorable experiences for students to model Christ daily.


In keeping with our belief statements, Saint Matthew School seeks to raise the awareness of students to the needs of others around them, in their communities, and throughout the world. This goal is achieved through the third portion of the motto, Serving Others. The overriding service opportunity at Saint Matthew School is to our sister school in Haiti, Our Lady of Miracles. Students in all grade levels conduct a variety of initiatives on behalf of Haiti throughout the school year. Beyond these efforts, the Hope for Haiti Summer Challenge engages all students in devoting one day of volunteering to raise money for Our Lady of Miracles.

Each year, the entire student body participates in an annual school-wide event known as Service Day. On Service Day, students spend an entire school day working on projects to minister to the needs of others, such as Special Olympics, Room in the Inn, Ronald McDonald House, Assisted Living residents and many more. Students in each grade are also avid participants in additional service projects throughout the year according to their grade level. Through the students’ many opportunities to serve, they develop a sense of awareness to the needs of others, and can truly live out the values upon which their education is based.

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