Saint Matthew School is an APPLE DISTINGUISHED SCHOOL!

Saint Matthew School has been recognized by Apple as a Distinguished School for continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment. One of only 703 schools worldwide to be recognized with this distinction by Apple, Saint Matthew School strives to provide a creative, collaborative and innovative environment for our students and faculty. 

Our technology-rich environment provides the foundation, but even more it is about a shift in the classroom experience and in learning.  Our classrooms are becoming more dynamic and alive and are engaging students in new ways – ways that mirror the world they are living in.  It is a shift that has been happening here organically as well as with intention and it is exciting to see.  

Saint Matthew classrooms are becoming more and more intentionally creative and collaborative. Apple provides educational resources and support/training that help teachers develop personalized learning and assessments, and foster critical thinking skills. Our technology rich environment is the place where this learning can happen. We are developing and molding students with the skills to go into the world with their Catholic roots ready to take on the world they inherit and make it a better place.  

SMS classrooms are technology rich environments that foster:

Innovation (encourages students to research & explore ways to uncover something new, compels students to use higher level of thinking to solve complex problems)
Creativity (boosts brain function, energizes, develops focus, spurs emotional development)
Collaboration (teaches cooperation and preparation for later life, and student engagement)
Curiosity (helps students increase retention, learn material faster, helps students become more observant)
Flexibility (improves problem solving, instills ability to shift approaches to meet different kinds of challenges)
Critical thinking (develops self-reliance and independence, self-awareness and comprehension)
Engaged and Personalized Learning (builds self-confidence, develops a love for learning, and increases engagement)