Donate to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Ministries!

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Ministries is underway, and we ask that you please consider making a donation to the campaign!

Your generosity supports ministries and services that carry forth the Bishop’s mission and vision, including adult and youth catechesis, support for clergy, sacramental marriage, life at all stages, robust Catholic schools and much more.

Saint Matthew’s goal for this year’s appeal is $115,390. We are currently at 68% of that goal with a total of $79,744.

If you have already donated, we appreciate your contribution! If not, please consider making a donation at the link below.

Thank you for your continued support of our Catholic Community and the Diocese of Nashville!

Donate to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Dear Friends in Christ,

The beauty of Christ can be found in many places – in a morning sunrise, in the eyes of a child, in the hands of the elderly. One of my favorite ways to experience God’s beauty is simply by sitting inside the church, admiring the gentle light of His love that shines through stained-glass windows. Just as stained-glass windows shine God’s love into the church, we can shine the same light into the lives of others simply by the love we show, the hope we provide, the gifts we give, and the ministries we deliver. The Bishop’s Annual for Ministries provides invaluable support for vital ministries; seminarian training, religious education for all ages; youth and children’s ministries and support for the poor and needy. As we begin a new year, I ask you to consider how God’s light shines through stained-glass and brings life into the church… and reflect on how you can continue to serve as a source of light and share God’s love with those around you.

I hope you will join me by sharing God’s love and serving as a light for all to see by making a gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Ministries.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend J. Mark Spalding
Bishop of Nashville

This Week from the Bishop’s Annual Appeal

We’ve got quite a tall task: going out into the world and proclaiming the Gospel to every living creature. We’re reminded today, on Ascension Sunday, that even though Christ ascended body and soul into Heaven, He still aids the work of the Church today. And our mission is impossible without His grace!

Christ wants us to rely upon Him. But this doesn’t necessarily mean depending on miracles and signs. It also means trusting that he’ll bless our more practical efforts to build the Church and proclaim the Gospel.

Here at Saint Matthew, we’ve discerned that the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Ministries is a vital way of helping us live out our mission. We depend on God’s grace, not only to see this important endeavor through to completion but to inspire each of us to do our part. Let’s pray as a parish community that we all might be moved by the Lord to contribute to this mission, the same one He originally entrusted to the Apostles.